Friday, October 23, 2009

Not So Brilliant After All!

Alrite, let's get this really straight! I thought your excuse for failing to meet deadline was stupid! Nothing more than pure stupidity! Just plain stupid, STUPID!

Emerald Brilliant, SS2

Grandma came all the way to KL to get her mandarin suit tailored. So, we hired Emerald Brilliant for the job. Cloth chosen, measurement taken, deposit paid, & deadline marked. Emerald Brilliant promised to deliver by 15th Oct. Good, deal closed!

I wanted to spot check on their progress when the deadline was close. But refrained from doing so because Emerald Brilliant was credible, so I thought.

On 15th Oct, the person in charge called, informing me that the selected cloth was out of stock. She asked me to opt for other choices. Brilliant!

I was really really angry. It took them 2 long weeks to inform me! Why?! They never confirm the availability of their stocks before accepting orders. Why again?!

The excuse given was they took that darn long to search for the same pattern all over KL. Oh really? Well, find harder, STUPID! Don't you worry. I'll be back, & I'll negotiate a better deal out of this. Be prepared, STUPID!