Saturday, December 6, 2008


The scene opens at an establishing shot of my office. Cut to a tracking shot of me walking in, preferably tailgating from behind because I'm supposed to remain anonymous. Cut to me settling in at my table, drawing out my glasses case from my bag. A close up shot when I open the case and prepare to put on the specs, the specs break into half. Oh, I need a cut away shot here, please. A super duper close up at the broken parts. Fast cut to a series of extreme emotions taking place (a menacing tune should have started playing in your head by now). Zoom out to reveal the victim and his object, fade to black slowly... Dita Grand Reserve broke at the point where a screw was planted into the frame. "WART DAR FARRKKKK" came bursting out from me throat! I was appalled at the fragility of the frame.

So, wat i did was to send it back to the optical shop and ask for a repair. I wished i could just press Ctrl+Z, & restore the poor bastard into normalcy. So, the Malaysian retailer promised to send it back to the Singaporean dealer to see what can be done. Probably a new frame in exchange for the broken frame, but chances are slim. Well, I kept my fingers crossed.

Some time later, approx. some 3 months later, I was told that the Japanese manufacturer has refused to do anything to the frame coz it was clearly not the manufacturer's fault.

I became very angry and fuckstraded because of all my anticipation, & time of waiting for an answer were wasted! Not forgetting to mention that the Singaporean dealer has been holding on to my specs for some 90 days without returning the specs to its lawful owner. So, I started making calls to Tokyo & got in touch with Mr. Tommy Ogara, the founder of Dita Eyewear. He was in fact, very helpful, & I was glad that he took this matter into his own hands =)

I was disappointed at such accusation. I called him at that very night & explained to him what has actually happened. Only then we found out that the Singaporean dealer has never presented the broken specs to Tommy. Oh btw, the dealer has a shop in The Central, Singapore called 'N-Lab Concepts' (the mentioned name has been modified to protect the real identity of the shop, but I guess you intelligent singaporeans know what I'm talking bout *grin*).

Anyways, I got in touch with the dealer, & asked for an explaination.

After much of some kind of communication, I was finally getting a new pair of Grand Reserve 52. Good news! But 1 other issue, what went wrong with the frame I 1st bought??!! Here's what Mr. Tommy said:

So, the dealer sells sample frames to his customers??? @.@

Oh well, I couldn't care much now as long as I've got mine back.

However, after some 4 months, a nut went missing. I supposed that this is normal...... but I've already got Reliance to fix it for me. Oh well, let's see what's gonna fall off after some months later... God bless....

Scene fades to black...... Credits starts rolling up, 'Special thanks to Mr. Tommy Ogara, everyone at Reliance Optical, Bangsar, & Mr. M from N-Lab'.

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