Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wondermilk? As if!!

Writing this entry isn't easy for me. It's like turning in your loved ones for some kinda sinful conviction. Yes, u've sinned my love. & in the name of justice, I shall boycott you until further notice! Adios, Wondermilk!!

But don't get me wrong. I love cupcakes! I'm a self-proclaimed master in the Art of Cupcake Flirting! I like holding my victim, gentle enough for it to rest between my grip. I can stare at it for minutes; channeling my psychic power into its core, making it duplicates itself into 2, & then 4, 8, 16...!!! (you should hear Mojo Jojo's wicked laughter echos in your skull by now)

*This is usually the part when I shake my head violently to wake my-magic-obsessed-self up.

Let's face it! Cupcake is a divine indulgence to die for! But what happened that day, made me think 2x; no, 3x; no, I think more! Wait! Shit! I lost count! Damn it!

So, one gracious afternoon, my colleagues & I sneaked out of the office during lunch. All united with a single mission: get the god damn cupcakes before the clock ticks 2 (which is when our lunch time is up, but usually, we never make it in time)!

It wasn't really the perfect timing coz lunch hour + rush hour... do you see how this equation works? What you'll get is a car full of cupcakes addicts screaming & cursing at whoever or rather whatever that cuts in to their way.

Finally, we made it. Got ourselves a car park. Ran across the shadeless parking field; endured the skin-piercing, eyes-blinding heat. "Oh My God! We made it here, alive!" (a drop or 2 of teardrops usually take place to compliment this visual)

We pushed the door & let ourselves in. Trying our very best to up hold our missionary grace, not hinting what a erratic journey we've had, at all!

Walked over to the counter, Colleague E & J asked: "We would like to pick up our orders." Waitress acknowledged them, & went in to the kitchen. Colleague E: "I hope my boobies & willies turn out fine. Hehehe! Those are for my boyfrined." I eye-balled her but looked away after knowing that she didn't notice me. Colleague J: "Oh! Mine's for my bro's birthday. I ordered Luuvvv On The Cream. Hehehe!" How nice, I thought.

Colleague E's boobies & willies

Colleague J's Luuvvv On The Cream
(note that there is no nesting to hold the mini cupcakes)

The waitress gave them 2 large boxes. We checked the content. Happy & satisfied. Then, off we go! We hopped back in to the car & rocketed back to office.

A heart breaking discovery unfolded when we checked out Colleague J's cupcakes in the office. Some of the cupcakes have toppled over the others, defacing each other terribly. "Oh no! Safe the cupcakes!" Colleague J: "Copsticks! Spoon! Fork!" (imagine us in the emergency ward)

After arranging the casualties back into order,
It was such a terrible sight to behold
(*warning: parental guidance is needed if necessary)

With hands over our mouths, we couldn't have been more sorry for Colleague J's lost. She immaculately put the casualties back into arragement. & allowed me to snap pictures for the obituary.

"I need a hero, I'm holding on for a hero to the end of the night." Yes, I could hear Colleague J repeated this Tina-Turner-chorus in her wounded heart. She's fuckstrated, of course! So, I picked up the phone & made a call that I thought would make a difference.

A girl answered. I told her what happened, & asked for her advice. But she said there's just nothing she could do coz what sold is not refundable. I totally understood. But keeping mini cupcakes in a large box without any proper nesting to hold them is clearly a failure in product design, I argued. Hence, it should hold both the buyer & the producer for responsibility. I told her that I wasn't happy with her answer. "There are still cupcakes available at the booth. You are welcome to buy them if you want to", she said.

I then realized I needed to talk to someone else with better customer service knowledge or someone in higher ranking to sort my problem out. So, I asked to talk to the owner. "Oh, I'm the owner..." came the other side.

"How pathetic!!"

I was dumbfounded. I told her that I wouldn't buy any from her anymore, & told her that I would blog about this.

That's how I bit an eternal farewell to my beloved cupcakes......

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